Monday, August 03, 2015

Property Maintenance Check List

Property Maintenance

As homes age, routine maintenance plays a vital role in maintaining property values. Neighborhood Preservation is responsible for inspecting existing housing for code violations and ensuring the violations are corrected. The Neighborhood Preservation inspection team is proactive in their pursuit of code violations.

 With a proactive approach, an inspector will discover code violations while he/she rigorously combs his/her designated area. Once a violation is discovered, a member of the team performs an inspection of the exterior of the house for Property Maintenance Code (paint peeling, house gutters not properly secured, loose or missing siding and roofing, litter in yards, etc). By correcting these code violations, neighborhoods can enjoy stability in their property value.

 You can partner with Saint Louis County by using this Property Maintenance Code Checklist to perform an inspection of your property. Early detection and correction of maintenance need eliminates costly repairs and neighborhood deterioration.

Click here to view the Property Maintenance Ordinance.

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