Wednesday, September 16, 2015

St. Louis County Land Scam????

St. Louis County Land Scam!!!!

I would like you to see what our county minions are up to with finding creative way of trying to bring in revenue but in turn costing it instead.

They are selling ONE FOOT (12 in) wide strips of land between peoples homes either back to the original owner or to third parties. They claim that somehow in 1973, the tax was not paid on this ONE FOOT (12in) wide parcel of land, even though it has been owned by my family since 1936...! They have admitted that it was a clerical error made in 1973*, yet insist that the homeowner pay for their mistake.

It has been admitted that this has happened all over the county and letters have gone out to those homeowners as well. BOTH neighbors, in the attempt to get at least one of them to PAY $27.00, to buy back their own property, OR their neighbors land out from under them.

Then they tried to sell our property to a THIRD PARTY for $100.00! When I asked WHO would buy it, I was told that it could be a developer but REFUSED to tell me who was trying to buy my land from beneath me.

* UPDATE: Since I sent this letter, along with invoice to Lyndie Lappas, Bob Burns, Kevin O'Leary and KMOV 4, the story has changed The mystery bidder has vanished and now the mistake took place somewhere between 1939 and 1954...?? They do not know when but they do know it was as result of a transfer of ownership of my neighbors property. However, both our property lines match up to the actual physical property????

The fact that the COUNTY is trying to capitalize on an error made by, whom they now claim is a title company 75 years ago is obsurred. As they have also stated that there are up to 40 homes in Lemay alone that have this issue.

At the $27 level, extrapolating this across the entire county could be conservatively upwards of over $100,000.00. At the $100.00 plan, the county would bring in over $350,000.00

As result, I am billing St. Louis County for 42 years of maintenance on a bi-weekly rate of $75 per occurrence, totalling $11,100.00

I am asking that anyone else that this has happened to, to come forward and contact me, as well as KMOV 4 NEWS.

Garrett C Mees
September 15 at 12:01am

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