Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Reader Comments on Supreme Court Trash Suit

This is a simple case and the solution is simple

"Kick all the politicians out of office and vote someone else in.

Install term limits on any elected office -- higher number of years for the office 1 term the lower number of years 2 terms max/.

Get a petition together to put this on a ballot and vote.

People whine and moan and like Congress do nothing but sell a bill of goods.

If you feel your representative at any stage of government is not serving you Kick the Bastard out -- it is that simple.

Reader Comment from: M. Elliott on the Supreme Court decision on the STL County trash suit

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  1. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Maybe we should have elections so people could vote for who they wanted in office. Then term limits wouldn't be needed, you could do it yourself.
    Unless you just want to complain that when you do nothing it doesn't end up like you want.