Thursday, August 04, 2011

City of St. George One Step Closer

The city of St. George is one step closer to becoming nothing more than a history lesson.

The town’s biggest claim to fame is likely a police officer’s vulgar run-in with a young motorist a few years ago. Since then, the police department has been disbanded and some city leaders launched an effort to take the town in the same direction.

St. Louis County elections officials this week certified signatures on a petition to dissolve the town, and all the measure needs now is a formal vote from the St. Louis County Council.

County Council Chairman Steve Stenger said he supports the right of St. George voters to decide their own future. Officials say the town is so small it doesn’t have a reason — or the financial means — to exist.

The other side has alleged that taxes would rise and the neighborhood would lose its identity. If residents so vote, the area would become just another stretch of unincorporated south St. Louis County.

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  1. Anonymous6:31 PM

    In St. Louis County, all cities under 5000 population should be made to merge into contiguous cities and reducint 93 munis into about 40 in St. Louis County.

    Great saving and effeciences on many duplicated efforts.

    No Brainer