Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Florissant Council Candidates Respond to Your Questions About Trash Haulers

Would you be in favor of letting residents choose their own trash hauler again?

Mark Behlmann, Ward 3: I believe in the philosophy of purchasing at wholesale prices. In many cases, this requires bulk purchasing. I'm not opposed to holding open meetings for the community to come together and learn how to achieve the best purchasing power for all that are concerned. If there is a benefit for a resident to have individual trash hauling service, I am very open to learning and understanding those effects. But as with any benefit those who are directly affected must be given the opportunity to see both sides thoroughly in order to make a wise decision.

Joe Eagan, Ward 3: Not answered

Elizabeth O’Fallon, Ward 3: I am in favor of allowing residents to choose their own trash hauler. My family has experienced some problems with our trash pickup and despite repeated phone calls and complaints, nothing was done to remedy the problem. Going door-to-door, I have heard several similar complaints from residents. I believe competition not only reduces costs but helps maintain quality of service.

Steve Purgahn, Ward 6: Recently, St Louis County established new ordinances requiring all of St Louis County to abide by their Solid Waste Ordinance. That ordinance requires communities to either contract to provide the service themselves or join the St Louis County contracting pool. Florissant has chosen the option to contract for the services.

Pat Stinnett, Ward 6: The citizens of Ward 6 are satisfied with the savings and convenience of awarding a bid to one hauler. They do not want to go back to multiple haulers on multiple days tearing up our streets.


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  1. Anonymous4:17 PM

    The sad truth of this story, is that County auhority trumps local muni authority, and the cities were forced to comply or join in the county fiasco.

    County Government trumps local city control.