Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hazelwood, MO Demands Girl Scouts Stop Selling Cookies

It's been a rough summer for entrepreneurial kids. July brought two stories of lemonade stands gone wrong: one was robbed, and the other was broken up by police who mistakenly thought it was in violation of city ordinances. And now a group of Girl Scouts has lost their right to sell cookies from their own driveway. A law suit by a group of Scouts in Hazelwood, MO defend their right to do so was thrown out by a St. Louis County Circuit Judge.

Yes, we know a law is a law, but come on. Can't some governing body rule that the offending neighbor and the girl scout family be brought to arbitration? Better yet, can't the city turn it's head for two weeks and overlook this dastardly deed . . . just like the city's police department overlooks people driving 2-3 MPH over the speed limit.  Hey, they're breaking the law.

Does your subdivision have any girl scout cookie sellers doing something similar? Selling cookies from a stand in the subdivision or fro their driveway.  Click on COMMENTS below and share your thoughts.

Don't we have better and more important things to do???


  1. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Girl Scouts can’t sell cookies out of their driveway once a year but people in the same neighborhood can have garage sales every Wednesday and Saturday all tear long. Does anyone else see a slight disparity here? Besides, the people that buy girl scout cookies are generally not as rude and inconsiderate as people who attend garage sales to buy other people’s trash.

  2. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Good point re garage sales. It would be interesting to make a list of "violations" such as these.

    1. Girl scout cookie sales
    2. Sales of merchandise via garage sales
    3. Not paying sales tax on such sales
    4. Speeding any MPH over the limit
    5. People not maintaining their homes, cutting grass, etc.
    6. People throwing trash out the window or just dropping it on the sidewalk