Thursday, August 18, 2011

Theater Chain Blocks Cell Phones in Theater

Wehrenberg Theaters, which operates nine multi-screen theaters in the St. Louis area, is getting attention for its zero tolerance cell phone policy.They detailed its policy, which will be enforced during previews and the feature attraction, in a statement and on its Facebook page:

"Compliance would be all moviegoers are asked to turn off cell phones or put them on vibrate before entering the auditorium. Should you need to take a call or text message, please do so outside the auditorium."

Wehrenberg said violators of the policy will be asked to leave, and they won't get a refund.

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  1. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Why don’t they also extend the “zero tolerance" policy to idiots that feel the need to talk all the way through the movie. In the old days ushers were constantly making the rounds in theaters and if you were told to be quiet. If you didn’t catch on and kept talking you were told to leave the theater. Maybe that’s why movie theaters were always full, people could enjoy the movie in peace and quiet.