Saturday, September 26, 2009

Spending on education regarding recycling and waste management

Two members of the St. Louis County Council say John Temporiti, County Executive Charlie Dooley's campaign treasurer and former key staffer, asked them to reconsider their votes on legislation that would have benefited a company that employs his son.

Hughes was selected for the contract by the county health department, which asked for proposals for a program not to exceed $100,000. Craig LeFebvre, a spokesman for the health department, said he believed six or eight companies submitted proposals and he did not know why Hughes was selected.

Money for the contract would have come from the educational materials account in the Solid Waste Management Fund. That money is derived from the fee the county levies against waste haulers who dump their trash at the county landfill.

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Reading between the lines . . . does this mean more money being spent on the county’s trash program that already has three lawsuits pending in the courts to determine if the program is legal?

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