Saturday, September 26, 2009

St. Louis area officials' failure to plan hurts the city and the region

Regarding "Now departing: American" (Sept. 18) in the Post Dispatch:

It never ceases to amaze me that St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay and his cronies never fess up to errors and shortcomings. Obviously, it's easier for them to cast blame elesewhere.

Their latest target is American Airlines, which made a business decision to reduce its air traffic at Lambert Airport(remember when we called it Lambert International Airport?). Simply because our city managers cannot plan ahead or offer inducements to new businesses, the whole city and area are made to suffer.

And to think, this same inept bunch wants St. Louis County to merge with the city. Obviously, what they lack in business acumen they make up with a sordid sense of humor.

Even so, it's not entirely their fault. An uninformed electorate and a biased newspaper put them into office and lack the foresight to strive for a two-party system in the city.

Richard H. Gerding — Concord Village
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Do two wrongs make a right? St. Louis County has its own inept bunch bumbling around Clayton. Same goes in the county placing blame and not taking responsibility. While Charlie Dooley and Garry Earls have had their successes, their failures far out weigh them in both numbers and cost.

Its time citizens in both the city and county take note and stand up to speak their piece. Unfortunately, too many of our leaders are not listening. When's the next election?

Mike Roberts, South Couonty

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