Friday, September 25, 2009

Subdivision Trustees Meeting Provides Answers and Information

Attendees at the Subdivision Trustees meeting on September 23 participated in lively discussions on presentations by Steve Stenger, County Councilman; Bill Rogers, Editor of website; Lieutenant James Schneider and Officer Aaron Roediger of the St. Louis County Police Department. Linda Henry, assistant to Stenger also provided important information.

Rogers opened the program with a lively discussion on the current status of the county’s trash program. He presented an overview of the highlights of the program along with the benefits and problems experienced. On the “plus” side, the program is working well for many county residents, rates have been reduced for many in the county, subdivision traffic has gone down for most areas, there’s been a large increase in recycling and trash going to landfills has been reduced.

On the “minus” side, Rogers listed the following.

> Subdivisions should not have been allowed to opt out. This allows residents to circumvent the law allowing them to select their own hauler and not use a trash service at all.

> The county has an ongoing problem in effectively communicating with subdivision trustees since there is no requirement for trustees to be registered with the county. Their mail list is entirely voluntary.

> Some residents claim discrimination since they are not a part of a subdivision. There are no effective means to allow exceptions for seniors, low income, handicap or self disposal of trash or recycling.

> Residents must pay even if they don’t use the service. Examples are someone wintering in Florida for a month, or homeowners who do not dispose of trash every week, but once or twice a month.

He suggested a pay-as-you throw program would resolve some of these problems of use and discrimination. He also pointed out that it’s impossible to satisfy everyone and that no program is perfect.

Rogers said the resolution to the current complaints and problems lies in the three suits pending in the courts. He also pointed out this is a poor way to do business. The problems are not of cost or service, but freedom of choice.

Steve Stenger delivered straight forward answers to questions dealing with the trash program, challenges being faced by the county council and the county and resources available from the county for trustees. He also answered complaints from attendees regarding summons received and others.

Stenger said it’s unlikely that any action will be considered until the pending cases make their way through the court system.

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  1. Jared Peno10:46 PM

    Bill, a minus is that subdivisions were allowed to opt out? Why does it have to be all or nothing? I wish my subdivision opted out. Residents here have their own individual problems with our assigned hauler and we are not allowed to choose another company.

    Here's a better solution, how about the subdivisions have a choice to OPT IN!