Friday, September 19, 2008

Keep The Cart; County Does Not Want Them Back

A Letter to the Editor in the Journal reports, "I called St. Louis County about the recyclable cart removals and was told the carts will not be picked up. Do whatever you want with them. So all the people who got them, they’re not going to come and get them."

Hmm, let's see. A thousand carts at $40 each is $40,000 and they're not wanted. This is probably a conservative number and most will be pitched into the trash. Oh well, it's only money.

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  1. Anonymous3:42 PM

    My cart was picked up in 7th district as scheduled Sept. 15 to 27. Had waited 3 months after applying end of March. Pray that we get to vote and preserve our right to vote in the future. NO to trash district monopoly. YES to freedom of choice and competitive rates. DOWN with government coercion and manipulation. Recall Oldani.