Friday, September 19, 2008

MotorSilk® will boost your MPG by 10 to 20%

Every resident of every subdivision is facing this problem.

Our country has been put in a terrible situation by the lack of foresight and inaction by our leaders for the past 30 years. Oil has, and will continue to fuel the world economy. Alternative energy sources are not yet available to replace this precious commodity nor will they be for the next five years or so.

One thing is for sure, we need our cars and truck. We need to live our lives, we need our cars to get to work, transport our children to and from school, sports and all the other demands that require us to drive our cars. We need our trucks to supply our services and deliver our products to the consumer. That’s how we make our living.

Until recently not many people had heard of Motor Silk because the parent company had been dealing primarily with very large customers. They sold to the DOT of entire states, the United States military and major corporations throughout the world. Also the consumer till now has not been actively looking for such a product, since the return on an investment of $80 to install the system for the average driver at $1.75 per gallon was about 6 months and it cost under $25 to fill up most cars’ gas tanks. But clearly things have changed. At $4.00+ per gallon for gas and over $5.00 per gallon for diesel, Motor Silk is now very cost effective for our personal vehicles and for entire fleets of cars and trucks.

But there is more to this product than just the savings in fuel cost. The Motor Silk® System also produces these benefits:

• Friction in the engine and transmission is reduced by 80%
• Wear is reduced by 90%
• Horsepower is increased 6-8%
• Engine life is extended up to 2-3 times
• Emissions are reduced up to 50%
• It displaces all surface contamination (carbon, corrosion etc)
• It restores efficiency in high mileage vehicles
• It reduces gasoline or diesel fuel and oil costs up to 20%
• Engines and Transmissions run much smoother

For more information visit and check out the site’s FAQ section.

The company’s Saint Louis area representative, Tony Niskanen, would be happy to talk with you about Motor Silk products and your personal or fleet needs. He can be reached at (314) 352-6300 or by email at

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