Thursday, September 18, 2008

It’s the Trash, Stupid

Reader initially opposed to trash districts now pleased by savings
Another letter writer 'very pleased' with trash districts
Trash the least of our problems, one reader says

A reader comments on the on-going trash fiasco . . .

It’s not the stupid trash, but the trash, stupid. No one in their right mind objects to lower cost and less truck traffic. But if this has been obtained illegally, with decisions made on the fly and information withheld and losing your freedom of choice, then something just might be wrong. The jury is still out.

A group of county citizens have said the establishment of trash districts was done so illegally. It’s serious enough that they filed a lawsuit.

Many major decisions regarding operations of the trash program were made on the fly. For example, if one subdivision does not want to comply with the law, they just had to ask to be excused. The rules for approving the “excuse” were drawn up as the implementation procedures were being developed. Have you ever heard of someone asking to be excused from a law? Hmm, come to think of it, our jails are full of those people.

As it stands right now for many subdivisions and also residents not living in subdivisions, St. Louis County has just selected your trash carrier for life. In other words, if you don’t like your carrier and wish to change, you can’t. You have been assigned a trash hauler for life. This situation is called “Freedom of Choice.” You no longer have that choice.

You know, not all county residents are paying less money. The costs are higher since a recycling fee is now included in the base charge. Recycling is good and everyone should be doing it. But let’s face it. A lot of people just don’t want to recycle . . . thus they end up paying a higher fee. In fact two residents of our subdivision do not use a trash hauler at all. They take their trash to their place of business.

So you’ll have to weigh the dollars you save against the chance your county officials were within the law and you losing your freedom of choice. September 29 is the implementation date for the remaining trash districts. Thousands of county residents have refused to pay the recycling bills sent to them in recent months. Should a person be obligated for a service fee for a service they did not order and they do not want which was ordered by another organization?

The jury is still out and hopefully a court decision should be here soon.

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