Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Aspen Withdraws Trash Bids - Says Pending Litigation Against County Has Merit

Information provided by the County Council Chair, Kathleen Burkett, at last night's Council meeting was somewhat misleading regarding action taken by Aspen Waste Systems. Aspen informed the County they were withdrawing their bid to provide trash service in two districts previously awarded to them. Burkett's statement did not include mention of the litigation against the county in regards to the full statement from Aspen's legal counsel.

In notifying the County, Chris St. Peters, General Manger of Aspen Waste Systems, said, "Our counsel has made us aware that the pending matters may have merit and ordering equipment at this time that may or may not be utilized could be a detriment to our company."

Pending litigation again St. Louis County by Waste Management, Meridian Waste and American Eagle may cause the County to give a two year notice before implementing a county wide trash program. This whole situation is turning into an 800 lb. gorilla.

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