Friday, June 20, 2008

Hey Wellston, Welcome to The World of Growing Trash Problems

Residents of Wellston are upset over a trash collection fuel surcharge from Premiere Waste. Premiere collects from most of the city households since 2006.

Premiere added a $3 monthly fuel surcharge raising its monthly fee for weekly service to $16. Unfortunately, no notice was given to residents. Don't sweat it, Wellston. Many residents in unincorporated parts of the county are paying fuel surcharges in excess of $20 per quarter.

Premiere stepped forward to collect the residents' trash after two other companies halted operations there and no others were interested. This is a familiar pattern as several companies have withdrawn trash services in the county. Aspen Waste Systems recently withdrew their bid to St. Louis County for trash services in the southern part of the metro area. Other haulers are only providing services to subdivisions which opted out of the county's controversial plan and not individual homeowners.

If you've recently moved to a subdivision, it may be difficult to obtain trash services from a hauler of your choosing . . . so be prepared.

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