Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Aspen Waste Withdraws Bids for Two Trash Districts

Aspen Waste Systems notified St. Louis County they are unable to provide trash and recycling services in two of the eight trash districts and has withdrawn their bid.

American Eagle Waste Industries, Meridian Waste Services and Waste Management of Missouri filed a law suit May 29 citing a state law requiring the County to give a two year notice to the companies before implimenting a trash program. The County continues to ignore the regulation stating it does not apply to them.

In a letter to the county, Aspen's general manager said a victory by the plaintiffs would hurt any investment his company made in new equipment.

If approved by the County Council, the contracts are expected to be awarded to the next lowest bidders which are Allied Waste in District 6 and IESI in District 8. These districts cover Lemay, Oakville and parts of Mehlville in South County.

Allied's bid is $13.50 a month in the first year, increasing to $14.60 in the third year. IESI's bid is $13.09 a month in the first year, rising to $14.23 in the third.

St. Louis County Executive, Charlie Dooley, said he was disappointed that Aspen withrew its bid. "I was happy that a smaller hauler got a chance to be a player in this competitive process," Dooley said. "And I'm upset that this lawsuit which is sour grapes by the firms who lost in the bidding process scared Aspen off." Dooley said nothing about the other smaller companies being shut out in the bidding process. Three haulers out of an estimated 20 throughout St. Louis County were awarded the 8 districts.

The trash district haulers selected by the County for all eight districts are with prices shown for the first year are shaping up as follows.

District 1 – IESI - $12.09
District 2 – IESI - $12.03
District 3 – Veolia Environmental Services - $11.60
District 4 – Veolia Environmental Services - $12.25
District 5 – Allied Waste - $12.29
District 6 –Allied Waste - $13.50
District 7 – Veolia Environmental Services - $ 12.40
District 8 – IESI - $13.09

Pending trash rates between the districts vary by more than 16% from a high of $13.50 to a low of $11.60. If your subdivision is on the low side, that's good news. If not, how can the county justify a hauler charging 16% more?

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    So much for equal protection under the law.