Thursday, June 12, 2008

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Anonymous said...

1) The contracted prices are 1/2 what I pay today.

2) This will keep these heavy trucks off the roads and will keep them in better shape by not having 5 trash company's in on my streets and subdivision.

3) These 3 trash companies came in too high on the bid, and now are only trying to SLOW down the progress. And who is PAYING for St Louis County now to defend this SUIT. Yes, every St Louis County person who pays taxes.

4) I have Waste Management now, so this is screwed up. I am paying them twice as much money per month right now. Only to fund them to sue St Louis County which in a way.. me.. I think everyone should drop these 3 companies as I will to tomorrow.

5) What's up with them having this suit all ready to go before the announcement. They would have just been fat and happy if they were the low bidders I guess. And all of would have payed more money and 'fuel charges'

6) Last, if they somehow win this suit, good luck getting any service from these guys. Why would they care. They're losing the business anyways. We would be so screwed if St Louis County allowed a 2 year wait time.

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  1. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Fuss, fuss, fuss! Why not just start a recall petition to get Mr. Dooley, his County Attorney and those Council Members, who insist the trash district plan is legal, out of office? The County Charter provides complete instructions.