Friday, May 30, 2008

St. Louis County Sued by Trash Haulers

Three waste haulers filed suit against St. Louis County to derail the county's plan to divide its unincorporated areas into eight trash collection districts. American Eagle Waste Industries, Meridian Waste Services and Waste Management of Missouri in St. Louis County Circuit Court filed the suit. The suit says the county violated state law by failing to give the companies two years' notice before starting the program.

The plaintiffs asked Circuit Judge James R. Hartenbach to immediately block the county's plan, but Hartenbach rejected the request.The county has hired a single hauler for each district, except in subdivisions that opted out. The program is due to begin in October. For the eight districts, only four haulers were selected with some serving multiple districts.

County Executive Charlie A. Dooley through spokesman Mac Scott, called them "sore losers." Said Scott: "Our lawyer believes we have done everything strictly according to the book in instituting this program, and we are planning to move ahead with it."


  1. Anonymous11:27 AM

    This is really sad - they (County) are in violation of the Statutes & a judge rules in favor of the violaters?
    Whose pocket is he in??????????????

  2. Anonymous2:20 PM

    The suit says they are in violation. The county says they are not.

    The plaintiffs didn't present a convincing reason for the judge to halt St. Louis county.

    See how it plays out in court before you cry that the judge is on the take.

  3. Anonymous7:02 PM

    As a casual observer, I have long hoped for some actual legal action! Kudos to those who filed suit. I wish I had the expertise and resources.

    Said Scott: "Our lawyer believes we have done everything strictly according to the book...

    Ha! Of course he does, jackass! That's what you pay him for. Kiss it! I hope you're disappointed in the court of law.

    Trustees: keep us posted.

  4. Anonymous10:05 PM

    It doesn't matter that the plaintiffs didn't give a "convincing" reason to the judge. The FACT remains that the County is in violation of the Statutes,(breaking the law) according to the State Reps. The law is the law no matter what or who you are.
    Of course County will say they are not in violation, what else would you expect??????????
    It apparently has already played in the courts and the judge ruled in favor of County.
    I stand by my comment "Whose pocket is he in???????"

  5. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Waste Management the king of "fuel surcharges" and padded environmental fees is suing St. Louis County and you guys are siding with them???

    Trash companies like Waste Management hate districting because it cuts into the fat profit they suck out of unincoporated, while municiplalities enjoy low rates because of competitive bidding. I felt sorry for American Eagle until I found out they sided with Waste Management

    What other bill you have guarantee the price for the next 3 years. And remember, these contracts serve 30% of the county. There will plenty of haulers to competitively bid again.

    There is a lot to complain about how the county went about this, absolutely, but the bottom-line is looking pretty good to me.

  6. Anonymous10:34 PM

    1) The contracted prices are 1/2 what I pay today.

    2) This will keep these heavy trucks off the roads and will keep them in better shape by not having 5 trash company's in on my streets and subdivision.

    3) These 3 trash companies came in too high on the bid, and now are only trying to SLOW down the progress. And who is PAYING for st louis county now to defend this SUIT. Yes, every st louis county person who pays taxes.

    4) I have waste management now, so this is screwed up. I am paying them twice as much money per month right now. Only to fund them to sue st louis county which in a way.. me... I think everyone should drop these 3 companies as I will to tomorrow.

    5) What's up with them having this suit all ready to go before the announcement. They would have just been fat and happy if they were the low bidders I guess. and all of would have payed more money and 'fuel charges'

    6) Last, if they somehow win this suit, good luck getting any service from these guys. Why would they care.. their losing the business anyways. We would be so screwed if st louis county allowed a 2 year wait time.