Monday, March 03, 2008


"I continue to be amazed at the passion displayed against the proposed trash districting plan for unincorporated St. Louis County. I received my trash invoice this week from one of the major haulers. It was for $111 for three months of service.

This includes once-a-week pickup, yard waste pickup and the infamous fuel surcharge of $16. The bill included an insert notifying me of an increase in the fuel surcharge and said that payment of current invoice constitutes acceptance of the increase. These charges are out of control. The county's plan is a way of tackling this problem.

Those people who are against this plan should redirect their passion to something more worthwhile."

. . . . Steve Sills/ South St. Louis County"


  1. Anonymous3:42 PM

    You are blaming the wrong group. The Haulers are simply doing what they have been forced to do by St.Louis County ordinance. The County has imposed these minimum requirements onto Residents and Haulers, and if haulers must supply services to comply they will. But the reason billings are going up, is because St. Louis County have forced these services upon both residents and hauling companies. Your complaint should be directed to St. Louis County.

  2. Anonymous7:23 PM

    My current trash bill for the same service you have is $58.50 for that 3 month period. At the present time, you would have the opportunity to change to another carrier if you chose to shop around for a better price. With the proposed trash districts that right would be taken away from you. People are upset because our right to choose is being taken away and also the County is not able to give us any firm prices on what trash will cost. Many trash carriers will also probably go out of business.

  3. Anonymous7:24 PM

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  4. Vernita8:35 AM

    I received my recycle bin. I also sent the card back stating I have no need for the bin. I have not received a response as to when they will pick it up. So Wed 3/5/08 I will sit it out at the street level. I do not want the $2.00 added to my trash bill if I will not be using the service. I'll call the company Tues 3/4/08. All of these issues are being thrown at us!!!!

    I will have two office chairs to be picked up.

  5. Monica8:36 AM

    I think I am a little confused about the recycle program.

    Are we to put the newspaper and plastic jugs in that container? Is the recycle option at $2.00 optional?

  6. Anonymous11:11 AM

    I'm not sure what Vernita & Monica are talking about with the $2.00 issue.
    If this is for the carts, I don't think they should be charging for those as the County tax payers have already paid for them.
    If this $2.00 is for recycling, as far as I understand, they are not suppose to break down the bill to show a charge strictly for recycling. It's basically suppose to be included as part of your "basic package". And if this is the case, it won't be coming off your bill any time soon.
    You will still have to pay for recycling wether you do it or not -That's the COUNTY way!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyone out there that wants to complain, aim it at County, not the Trash Hauler!
    The majority of Trash Haulers don't want any part of this but if they don't comply, then they will not get their permits from the DOH & if they don't get those permits, they can't haul your trash.
    So folks - quit blaming the hauler, it's not their fault!

    If these people that have written in to the newspaper & this website don't like what is going on then get off your butts and call or email Tony Niskanen. He's the gentleman with the "Make Your Opinion Count" petition.
    Phone # 314-352-6300 or
    Everything that County wants is going to happen, at least for now, until something can be done legally. By signing the petition, it will put us one step closer to putting it on the ballot for the people to VOTE on.
    This is the way it should have been done in the first place!