Sunday, March 02, 2008

Some Subdivisions That Opted Out of Trash Programs Say They Can’t Loose

At least one subdivision in South County and one in North County recently negotiated trash hauling prices with their hauler at prices that may be hard to beat. Both subdivisions opted out of the County’s trash program to allow their residents to select their own hauler. The cost for the basic once-a-week trash pickup ranged from $12 for one subdivision to $15 for the other. (Note: they also have charges for recycling, yard waste and fuel/environment)

In both instances, the hauler agreed to match the price of the County’s selected hauler thus making this a win-win situation for both residents and hauler. It appears the subdivisions have negated the County’s mandate that the County select their trash company. Hello!

The good news is the residents will have a recycling program at their front door and rates that are guaranteed to be equal to or lower than the County’s.

The bad news is 1) they have to pay for recycling whether they use it or not; 2) they will have a third truck coming into their subdivision (one for trash, one for yard waste and one for recyclables); 3) taxpayers are paying for a trash program that does not benefit ALL residents of the county.

Haulers agree the unrest among county citizens would be put to rest if residents had the choice of selecting their own trash haulers. The way to accomplish this is to do away with trash districts and let the market and competition determine the rates.

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  1. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Our subdivision has opt out and now has a contract with our hauler where we get 2 X week pickup plus a third time for recycle item. While we alway has 2x week pick up, we no longer pay for recyle pick up (the 3rd pickup). The lawn/garden pickup is pay as you go via stickers on bags paid by each homer, i.e. you don't pay if you don't use