Tuesday, March 04, 2008

County Trash Situation, Solution

If you would like a Power Point program of this video, send a request to subtrustees@swbell.net. Request "County Trash Power Point."


  1. Anonymous7:44 AM

    The only true resolution/solution to the tragic trash fiasco is to hammer Dooley and those short sighted democrats that have forced this on us. Then, vote them out on the next election.

    Call, write, email, Dooley and County Council, now.

  2. Anonymous7:47 AM

    It's time for Charlie Dooley to do the right thing. Except this error imposed on the general public, and force the resignation of Mr. Garry Earls.

  3. Mike Roberts8:39 AM

    Mr. Dooley is carrying out the instructions of the County Council. The Council passed the regulaltion and it's the Council that can reverse it . . . or at least put it on hold until all the procedures and acceptable to all.

    Most everyone wants lower cost, less traffic in their subdivisions and will embrace recycling, but the problem is taking away a homeowner freedom to select their trash hauler (as ridiculous as it may seem).

    Just do away with the trash districts and let the market determine the rates. Everyone would be happy. (Maybe)