Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Houston (TX) Trash Bins Targeted by Thieves

As many as 4,400 black 96-gallon garbage cans are stolen from Houston-area homes every year, police say.

"You know it is not a trash can collector," said Richard Alderman, an associate dean at the University of Houston Law Center. "Trash cans are worth something. Somebody is trying to make or save money."

The city buys about 20,000 of them annually for $44 apiece, which is $880,000 a year, and provides one for each residence along a public roadway, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Replacing a stolen garbage can is free for residents, but it requires a police report to be filed for what is considered a misdemeanor theft of city property and is in the same grouping as first-offense prostitution and indecent exposure.


  1. Anonymous7:00 PM

    St.Louis County has no provisions for replacing, repairing, maintaining, or providing additional carts, once the initial deliveries are done. Waste haulers won't do it, they don't own them, why should they.

    The county just believes these carts will last forever, and never need replacing. Regardless of people moving, getting stolen, breaking down, or whatever.

    So, if there is a loss rate of 10% per year, all carts will be gone in less than 10 years, or useless.

  2. Anonymous10:33 PM

    If the County can force this so-called plan on the residents and FORCE them to pay for recycling, what makes anyone think that when these are stolen or break that they won't FORCE the resident to pay for a new one???????

    By the way,these carts are going to have chips in them (like you put in your pet)just in case they do get stolen. Who knows, they may even have a GPS system on them as well! Wouldn't suprise me a bit as they would do anything to help waste tax payer dollars, just like they did with these carts.