Tuesday, February 19, 2008

County Residents Continue to Speak Out on Management of County Trash Fiasco

Another county resident speaks out on the fiasco called Waste Management -


First of all let's set the record straight -

St. Louis County has already placed it's regulations on the trash haulers and not the residents. Between the County & the Dept. of Health, this is how they want it to go:

They have put into place a mandate for a "minimum level" of service that the haulers MUST adhere too! They have also put into their mandate that the hauler MUST charge ALL their customers for this new level of service. What this means is if you do not recycle with your hauler, to bad - you will still have to pay for it!

Now here is fair warning to those who believe they will not have to pay if they are not using these services:

1. Hauler to suspend service for non-payment.
2. Hauler to turn over customers information to Dept. of Health.
3. Dept. of Health will try to collect payment.

Here's the real kicker:
4. If they do not receive the payment, they will issue a BENCH WARRANT.

I for one believe that the best approach to get people to recycle is to build recycling centers throughout St. Louis County. Their idea is if we force them to pay - they will recycle! Any one remember Bill Bidwell & the Cardinals football team? He had the same idea & it didn't work!!!!

County had planned to receive bids for their new districts in February and March with the hopes of being implemented by August. At this point subdivisions had until Feb. 1st to opt-out. Now that the bid date has been moved to around July 1st - subdivisions should be shown the same consideration by moving the opt-out date till later - hey what's good for the goose is good for the gander!

Actually, subdivisions should be able to opt-out at anytime they wish. However, I don't see this happening as County doesn't want any of the subdivisions in their pilot project to opt-out & screw up their plans for success!!!!!!!

No one knows how all of this is going to play out but people need to make note of which council members are pushing this & if they run again, show them how you feel at the polls. They may not listen now but they will when you vote them out!

Do people realize that the County & Dept. of Health have spent over three million of tax payers dollars on 65 gallon & 35 gallon carts for recycling items only? These carts go only to people in the new districts that haven't opted-out, yet everyone has paid for them!

Everyone should email or call Elliott Davis of Fox 2 KTVI & get him in on this. His email address is: youpaidforit@fox2ktvi.com or call the station at 314-544-5884.

If you would like to voice your opinion on these subjects to the County, call County Executive Charlie Dooley 314-615-7016 or County Dept. of Health, Solid Waste Manager John Haasis 314-615-8249.

If you can't get any satisfaction from any of these people, I encourage you to get in touch with Make Your Opinion Count, Tony Niskanen at opinionsllc@sbcglobal.net or call him at 314-352-6300 and sign his petition or request one and get out there and help collect signatures.

Hey everyone, call these guys, (to coin a phrase) tell 'em what you think, after all YOU PAID FOR IT!!!!!!!

. . . . . SW, St. Louis County Resident


  1. Anonymous11:39 PM

    I understood that the carts are going to all residents. You will get one whether you are in the district or not. Can someone else comment on how they understand this to work?

  2. Anonymous11:23 PM

    Not everyone in St. Louis County will get one of these carts. Only the people in the new districts and ones that haven't opted-out of this mess!
    They don't need to understand how it works. Why? Because they are the Government and according to Mr. Earls (Dec 13, 2007 article in the Post and on this web site(see Dec 18, 2007)), they "can do this much better"! This is their reasoning?!?
    I doubt that anyone making any of these decisions has ever worked on a garbage truck. When I say work I mean actually picked up a can and heeved it!
    You can go to the web site below. Scroll down to page 2. At the bottom of the page on the right side you will see the title
    It states "for unincorporated St. Louis County municipalities that haven't already received carts through the County and State grant programs will have the opportunity to apply for grant money to purchase recycling containers that fit the needs of their individual collection program".


    I hope that this has been of some help to the anonymous comment above.

  3. Anonymous5:04 PM

    I did go to that website and e-mailed William Seffens at wseffens@stlouisco.com
    314-615-8915. He confirmed that all residents in the district as well as those subdivisions that "opt out" will receive either a 64 gallon cart or a 35 gallon cart. St. Louis County will provide a cart.