Thursday, December 13, 2007

Trash Dumping Fees Coming Under Scrutiny

Residents are requesting a full accounting of all landfill fees collected and spent from the time the fee was first established about 10 years ago. As one insider said, “You will be shocked at how much money the County has collected and how irresponsible it has spent those fees.”

It’s believed they operate this fund out of and off of the County Budget plan - so it doesn't show up as a budget item. Remember, Fees are Taxes.

Hello, County Council members!

NOTE: This information was submitted by an anonymous subscriber and is unsubstantiated. If this data is available for review, please provide the information.


  1. Investigator8:44 PM

    That insider needs to come forward with specific information so that the accusations can be verified.

  2. Anonymous11:49 AM

    It's simple. Ask the county for the info, they imposed the fees, they collect the fees, they determine how the fees are appropriated, they control the info. They have it. They issue grants from these fees, and they share these fees with others.