Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rally for Citizens Against Trashy Government Draws Large Crowd

Upwards to 500 people packed a ballroom at the Holiday Inn in South County on Tuesday evening to get a first hand update on the Weber Trash Station and St. Louis County’s trash collection program. The rally was sponsored by “Citizens Against Trashy Government,” a non-profit organization fighting for open government and consent of the governed.

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The group wants to stop the “trash district monopoly.” Citizens against Trashy Government has been organized to stop the County’s pursuit of a trash districting plan and to challenge the settlement by the county attorney of the Weber Trash Transfer case.

The group says that even with the defeat of the latest amendments to the Solid Waste Ordinance, the county administration continues to push forward with a districting plan that will force residents to accept a county appointed trash hauler. No competition means no choice. No choice means higher prices.

After public hearings, rejections by the County Health Department and a unanimous County Council, the county attorney in private dealings, without the neighboring citizens or the County Council, secretly signed away the county’s right to appeal an adverse court judgment on a South County Trash Transfer station.

The group says it is time to fight back against a county government that refuses to listen to citizens. Also attending the rally were Greg Porter with Paddock Forest Subdivision in North County and Tony Niskanen, president of Make Your Opinion Count, LLC, a non-partisan political action organization, and Bill Rogers, publisher of SubdivisionTrustees.com website.

Speakers presenting their views included attorney Jerry Wamser, Representative Jim Lembke, County Council member John Campisi and attorney Les Stuckmeyer. Their presentations were often interrupted by applause.

Information is available from:

Citizens Against Trashy Government
P.O. Box 270623
St. Louis, MO 63127

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  1. Anonymous10:46 AM

    The smartest thing to do, is empower your group to file for "Incorporation". Form your own community and take control over your rights and piece of mind. The county is operating from the viewpoint they are this big super municipality, so why not take control over your own and take control away from the county.
    If every unicorporated area would do this, the county government would be no more.