Sunday, December 23, 2007

Subdivision Looking For Answers Asks for Your Help

We received an e-mail from a subdivision and we responded with our thoughts and input received from other subdivisions . . . but we would like to get more input. If you would, please cut and paste the following questions into a new email and send it to us along with your subdivision’s input to:

1. Can you furnish us with a sample of any letters you sent to your residents explaining the trash program and asking homeowners if they wish to opt-out? (If you have a letter you can share, please send us a copy)

2. How do you certify that the haulers serving your subdivision offer at least once per week pick-up, once per week recycling pick-up and twice per year bulky waste pick-up?

3. Did you call your trash carrier to certify their services or did you get it in writing?

4. Is or did your subdivision use a simple majority vote to opt out?

We’re setting up a list of subdivisions who have chosen to opt-out along with those who are opting in. Please drop us a note and let us know which direction your subdivision of going. Send to:

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