Thursday, December 20, 2007

Article IX of the County Charter says . . .

…" the people reserve the power to propose and enact or reject ordinances independent of the council, to approve or reject ordinances by referendum, and to recall an elective county officer.

Section 9.020. Initiative petitions may propose ordinances on any subject … Such petitions shall be signed by qualified voters equal in number to at least five percent of the total vote cast for governor in each of two thirds of the council districts at the last election at which a governor was chosen. [THAT’S ABOUT 20,000 SIGNATURES] Each petition shall containthe full text of the measure and an enacting clause.

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  1. Anonymous10:22 AM

    We really have to ask ourselves, What is the County Really up to?

    Increase Recycling? Maybe, but Mo State Data indicates that Recycling is at all time high, and growing anyway.

    Save Landfill Space? Why, St. Louis area already has more than 50 plus years of permitted landfill space. And again, Mo State Data indicates, that in the past 10 years, landfill diversion is already above the State goals and riding around 45% diversion rate.

    Improve Services? In their dreams. Look at the services the county already offers and mandates. Do you really think they can really make your life better.

    Lower Rates? With less competition and less free market, do you really think prices will drop?

    Now let's look at the contracting/franchise method. Once the County has these tools at their disposal, what's to stop them from adding additional franchise fees (taxes) onto those contracts so that the County gets a portion of the money collected? Nothing, Nothing at all. The County can collect more hidden taxes, just as they do on Landfill fees (taxes), and keep it hidden from you.

    The County isn't doing this for you, it's for them. They are going to get something out of this, and not you. Dig into their hidden agenda for the truth.