Monday, December 24, 2007

Trash Collections in Ferguson

"As retirees living in Ferguson, we are thankful our city was on the forefront of recycling. Unlike Mr. McMullan of Affton, who laments paying an extra $9 a month for the privilege of recycling, we are glad to do our small part in saving the world for our grandchildren. Unlike Mr. McMullan,” who goes to the recycling center about once a month with his few cans, bottles and such “, our recycling bin provided by the city , goes out every Tuesday, completely full. Our regular trash can goes out,, once a month , because there is very little that cannot be recycled. Our papers go to the school a block from our home, helping them out, as well as the environment. Make one of your New Year resolutions to RECYCLE, help save the planet.. I now know why our city logo is Green.. we are proud of our city's efforts."
. . . . Kathleen and Neil Noelker Ferguson

"We live in Ferguson too, and while our larger family (including a kid in diapers) does manage to fill our trash can about half way each week, we too are heavy users of our recycling service. I can’t imagine why they are charging $9 a month in Afton - our entire trash bill is only about $16 a month, which includes trash, recycling, appliance disposal, and a monthly bulky trash pickup. Maybe Affton is getting that special “Charlie Dooley Deal” on their trash service."
. . . Nick Kasoff

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