Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Recycling Carts Coming in 2008

To make it easy to recycle more, the County will provide large, 55-gallon recycling carts for unincorporated residents. The County will begin delivering carts in late January, and by April 1 all unincorporated residents should have the new carts. Check our website to find out when your area will be receiving carts. The cart will show up in your driveway one day.

Contact your waste hauler to find out when your recycling pickup service begins. As of this writing, haulers are required to begin providing recycling as part of your basic trash service on Jan. 1, 2008. However, the County Council is considering changing the start date to April 15, 2008. Your hauler will provide new rate information for your combined trash and recycling service.

If you should find that the large recycling cart is TOO large (for example if you live alone and do not generate much trash or recycling), you may request a smaller cart. Instructions on how to trade in for a smaller size will be included with your cart when it is delivered.

Please note that the free carts are available to one and two-family residences only. If you live in an apartment or condominium, encourage your landlord to contact the waste hauler to get costs for recycling pickup. Tell your neighbors to ask for recycling pickup too!


  1. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Merry Christmas. The County is giving you about a $5 million dollar christmas gift.

    But wait, it's not a gift at all. You have already paid for these things through County Landfill Fees that you are paying already.

    What's next, more fees, higher fees, then the County can buy trucks and operate this thing like Metro Link.

  2. Anonymous12:41 PM

    You need to request from the County, a full accounting of all Landfill fees collected and spent from the time the fee was first established about 10 years ago. You will be shocked at how much money the County has collected and how irresponsible it has spent those fees.

    I believe they operate this fund out of and off of the County Budget plan. So it doesn't show up as a budget item.

    Remeber, Fees are Taxes.