Monday, December 24, 2007

Government Should Do Only What People Can't

Regarding the editorial "Government and garbage" (Dec. 18 in the Post Dispatch), about the merits and demerits of St. Louis County's new forced trash-districting plan: We did a double take upon reading the quote from Garry Earls, St. Louis County chief operating officer, who said, "It's almost a no-brainer. The government can do this much better." Incredulously, Mr. Earls went on to say, "We can be the agent of the people in getting them good prices and good service."

We're not quite sure of the state of Mr. Earls' brain, but our respective brains recall that there are few things that government performs better than private industry, and at a lesser cost and better service. People correctly rely on government for things they cannot do for themselves, such as providing military protection, safe highways, etc. Putting trash service in this category is a real stretch.

Surely, St. Louis County has better things to do with its time and our money. Thousands of St. Louis County residents have contracted for their own trash service for more than 50 years. If everything must "go green," St. Louis County should have encouraged citizens to recycle and given them the chance to comply. Instead, County Executive Charlie Dooley has found a way to benefit several large trash haulers to the financial detriment of taxpayers and the bankruptcy of our small trash haulers, all under the guise of recycling.Luckily, many citizens in unincorporated St. Louis County understand what is really going on, which is why thousands of us are coming to the aid of our small trash haulers in their time of financial ruination.

St. Louis County should not be in the business of ruining small businesses.
. . . Kurt and Celeste Witzel, Oakville

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  1. Anonymous1:37 PM


    Who really is in charge of and responsible for County Government?

    Mr. Dooley?

    County Council?

    Garry Earls and Staff?

    Or, maybe, just maybe, it should be the County Voters who gave them the responsibility and privilege to represent us.

    One has to wonder.