Friday, November 16, 2007

The Trash Haulers May Have You By The Tail

Here are the concerns of one county resident and subdivision.

We are located at the very end of trash district 7. If we opt out, it is doubtful that another hauler, other than the one assigned to the area, will service 16 houses without a higher rate. They will claim it is more expensive for them to travel the distance. So we end up opting back in. That is exactly what Allied, our hauler, said. I think this will be a question for any group that opts out.

The haulers, other than the one assigned, have you by the tail. So, you opt-in for economic reasons, and will your current hauler or haulers give you the necessary time to opt-in if they are not assigned the area? Could be more of a problem if there are numerous haulers in the subdivision.

Also, the philosophical reason, "I do not want the County to tell me what to do" does not apply. We currently have a contract with one hauler for all residents in accordance with our Indenture. What is the difference? We, the Trustees, the governance body of a legal governmental document that REQUIRES there only be one trash hauler, speak out of both sides of our mouths if we object to the County forcing the program on our residents. We are doing the very same thing, forcing the residents to have the same hauler at our negotiated rate.

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