Friday, November 16, 2007

St. Louis County Double Dipping?

Here's a letter to the Editor in the Nov. 16, 2007 edition of the Post Dispatch.

It appears that the era of fiscal responsibility in St. Louis County has passed. The county will benefit from a windfall in revenue resulting from its reassessments. Secondly, the county is not rolling back tax rates as would be consistent with the spirit of the Hancock Amendment.

Instead, the county wants to raise rates. These two actions amount to their "double-dipping" into the taxpayers pockets.

The Metropolitan Sewer District board has suggested a rate increase for customers that could be the largest increase in MSD history. County Executive Charlie Dooley's staff has suggested that he will give the voters the opportunity to increase their taxes for MetroLink.

Has Mr. Dooley ever met a tax increase he didn't like?

. . . . Ned Taddeucci, Chesterfield

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