Saturday, November 17, 2007

Survey Says . . . .

Would your subdivision residents have a problem with this home in your subdivision? We've seen homes decorated with plastic trees, palm trees in sand, numerous torch lights, art work and more. While you may say you have no objection, how would you feel if you lived next door to this house?

We just concluded a "quickie" survey on this subject and 81% said "Yes", that their subdivision residents would have a problem with this house.

5% said residents would not have a problem and 14% felt it was OK citing "freedom of speech."

The bottom line here is "society" determines what is acceptable and that is done by making rules, regulations and laws. If someone wants something that is quite eratic, they should build their home in the "eratic" subdivision down the road. Let's face it, unusual, oddball and eratic houses reduce the value of surrounding homes.

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