Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sound Bits Available from County Meeting on Trash System

A selection of sound bits from the September 24, 2007 meeting sponsored by St. Louis County regarding the trash system being implimented January 1 is available below. Just click to listen in to the boos and hisses from attendees on comments made by various speakers. This meeting was held at the Affton High School in South County.

Sound Bit - #1- Rep. Bivens (Audio are larger files. These may take a minute or two to download, but they're worth it.)
Sound Bit - #2
Sound Bit - #3

Sound Bit - #4
Sound Bit - #5
Sound Bit - #6

Sound Bit - #7
Sound Bit - #8 Greg Porter

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  1. I live on a cul de sac in Oakville. We have one trash hauler, who gives great rates to all. We recycle our paper, etc. through the Boy Scout programs at St. Margaret Mary Alacoque and St. Francis of Assisi. We are veterans from World War II and Korea, and we fly our flags daily. We don't need any "dictator" telling us whom we must contract for our trash and recycling.

    Next thing will be where we must shop for our groceries, gasoline and casino-play.