Thursday, October 04, 2007

County Trash Program: Quotes Worth Repeating

"It seems to me that at the meetings that I've been able to attend on this issue that an overwhelming amount of people that come to these meetings are not in favor of this program. And also, from the feedback that I've received from my constituents in the 85th District, that seems to be the case." . . . Representative Jim Lembke R-Lemay

"Five of the seven members of the County Council who voted on this proposition do not live in an unincorporated area and are not affected by this legislation. They could care less. They need to attend one of the meetings in the unincorporated areas to hear what residents have to say." . . . Bill Rogers, Resident

"As far as I'm concerned, they (subdivisions) can opt out forever as long as they maintain the minimum level of service." . . . Garry Earls, County Chief Operating Officer

"Whatever happened to the idea of freedom of choice? I oppose being told the person with whom I have to do business, what I have to pay and the services that I do not want or will never use that I have to pay for." . . . Bob Schnitker, Resident

"Convential wisdom shows that when no competition exists and government mandates who receives the citizens' business, the citizens will eventually lose by having to pay higher prices. And inevitably, corruption will creep into the process." . . . Representative Walt Bivens, R-Oakville

"I think this is a good idea. This should have been proposed 20 years ago. We don't need five different trash companies beating up our streets. If they drive back and forth to find your house, they're not going to find the street or the address. This is something that I think is really worthwhile and it's going to make it a lot easier in the future for St. Louis County." . . . Bob Lindecke, Resident

"You're coming out here and you're telling us that we're going to have one trash pickup per week and then if we want anything extra we're going to pay for it. But nobody's coming out and telling us what we're going to pay, how much we're going pay and what it's going to cost us. And you know, the thing you people don't understand is we're coming up here and telling you we don't want your plan. We don't want it implemented. But you people ain't listening to a thing we have to say." . . . Bill Farrow, Resident

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  1. Matt Angeli, South County1:46 PM

    I implore all the citizens in the St. Louis County unincorporated area to call your county council person and notify them that you do not want your freedoms taken away. Starting next year, the county plans to divide the unincorporated county area into about 8-10 trash districts and tell you who will be your trash service and how much you will pay.

    Choosing who I want to do business with and how much I am willing to pay, is part of what makes America a great country. If we get cruddy service or a bad product, we can choose to go to someone else. Under the county’s plan, we would lose this ability as we would get stuck with a company that the county decided, and we would be told how much we would pay. Letting this freedom go is a big mistake as once you let a freedom go, you never get it back.

    The St. Louis County Trash District Plan stinks, smells, and reeks. If you happened to be at one of the three poorly advertised meetings on this issue, you would have read a report that had more holes, loopholes, and vague ideas than a greedy politician could know what to do with. I do not think that giving the government more control over our lives is a good idea.

    Getting less trash trucks on public streets at the expense of freedom of choice is not worth it.

    Matt Angeli