Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Subdivision Town Talk from Suburban Journals

Here are a few subdivision residents thoughts on activities in their own subdivision. These comments appeared in a recent issue from the Suburban Journal publications.

"What good is a subdivision association or indentures? Homeowners don't follow the rules and trustees don't enforce them anyway. Even in new subdivisions people don't cut the grass and trim. So much for good neighbors and associations."

"We lived in Maplewood for 36 years. We now live in Affton. There was only one trash hauler in Maplewood and we didn't pay for it. They were always dependable. We never had to call because of them forgetting to pick up our trash like we have to do now. It would be wonderful to have one trash hauler."

"This is in response to County living. I agree fully with the person that called in. I've noticed the same neglect in our neighborhood. A lot of people don't cut their grass and not only that, they leave their papers out day after day and actually week after week. It's also brush. We've noticed that people just pile up branches and leave them there. I don't know where the pride has gone in South County. It's sad. It's becoming like a slum area. People in South County, wake up and start taking care of your property. Have some pride."

"No need to pay to have your grass clippings hauled away. My neighbor stacks them over a foot high around the foundation of his home, which causes mold, flies, possibly rodents and bad odor. I called the county neighborhood improvement and was told there is no ordinance against this. If so, why not. I live in a nice neighborhood, a well-kept neighborhood."

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