Thursday, July 25, 2013

South County Not Alone in Protesting Senior Living Construction

The Town and Country and Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously turned down a proposal by Allegro Senior Living to build a 150-unit, luxury senior living development Wednesday night after hearing from dozens of residents who were vehemently opposed to the project.

The commission will make its recommendation to the Board of Alderman, citing seven reasons it opposed the proposal. Among these, the commission said there was "no public need" and that neighbors’ property values would be damaged.

Nearly 200 people came to City Hall for the commission’s meeting and most of those who spoke indicated that they didn’t want the project proposed for about 12 acres east of Mason Woods Village, at Clayton and Mason roads, to go forward.

"I haven’t heard any citizen yet speaking in favor of this," Bernard Zyk said. "The citizens have their imaginary pitchforks out."

( Love Investment Co.) and Allegro Senior Living were seeking a rezoning and approval of a preliminary site development plan for complex.

Residents expressed concerns about traffic, noise, effects on property values, and safety for pedestrians and bicyclists. Many also said they wanted to preserve 1-acre residential zoning.
Several opposed a proposed special sales tax for a Community Improvement District to help the developer defray costs.

Residents were elated at the commission’s decision.

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