Friday, July 26, 2013

Rats, snakes in St. Louis County neighborhood

Residents of a north St. Louis County neighborhood continue to wonder why several homes have remained abandoned and unmaintained for the past several years.

The mess along Crown Point Dr. outside of Dellwood is attracting rats and snakes in their front yards.

“Flies are just everywhere, there’s nasty trash, weeds, I know there’s snakes, it’s gross over here,” said resident Dessie Richard.

She and other residents of the neighborhood want to know why St. Louis County officials have let things get so bad.

For years she says trash has piled up in the front yard. Recently someone dumped a couch there. And right next door is another house covered by so many weeds the front of the house can barely be seen.

“We’ve got numerous chronic abandoned housing problems throughout St. Louis County,” said county employee David Wrone. “We’re on it, addressing it to the fullest extent of our capabilities.”

Wrone says there are  thousands, of abandoned houses in St. Louis County. And they don’t have enough employees to tear them all down at once. So he understands why residents are concerned.

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