Sunday, August 05, 2012

Caution: Fake Meter Readers on the Prowl

Brentwood police chief Steve Disbennett said suspected thieves, posing as water meter readers were in the Brentwood area.

He said they would come to the door and ask to be let in to read a water meter, and when the homeowner was distracted, steal things from the home.
Ann Dettmer, Missouri American Water external affairs manager for St. Louis and St. Charles, said the company has contacted police departments in Sunset Hills, Creve Coeur and Ladue.

She explained how to tell if someone at the door is from Missouri American Water.
She said any Missouri American Water employee that comes to a home for a service call will have a uniform with a Missouri American logo on it. She said a construction crew member might not, but they all have an identification badge.

She also said they never come to a house unannounced asking to test water, and that most water meters are outside houses.
“In some homes there are indoor water meters, but that’s a rapidly decreasing number," she said. "People that have them know about them, and we work with them to schedule readings."

“The key thing is ask to see identification, and it will be a Missouri American Water identification badge,” she said. “They will also be in a Missouri American Water vehicle. So if you don’t see those two things you should call us and possibly the police.”

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