Sunday, July 01, 2012

Fire Hazard Warning



 County and state officials are warning people to be EXTREMELY careful for the next several days including the Fourth of July and beyond.  High temperatures and low humidity make things very hazardous.
Officials are cautioning Individuals to be careful with any type of outdoor flame, fire or spark that might be associated with cooking outdoors, smoking, or celebrating with fireworks.

County Police are emphasizing that the sale of or shooting off of fireworks is a violation of the law and they will be stepping up enforcement and issuing tickets for violators.

Lawns and common ground areas are “crispy and crunchy” and can easily catch fire with the smallest ember of fire from just about anything.  Smokers are encouraged not to throw butts on the ground even if they are field stripped.

Please do not shoot fireworks during this very dry time.

The people in Colorado didn’t think it could happen to them but now in Colorado Springs more than 350 homes have been destroyed by what started out as a “small” fire.  That is the size of many of our subdivisions.  Let’s be proactive and not let it happen here.

Be very careful with any outdoor fire, flame or spark.  Be considerate of your neighbors and celebrate this year’s Fourth of July without fireworks that could start a “small” fire that could grow into an inferno.

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