Thursday, May 10, 2012

St. L. Browns Exhibit Case on Display at Scottrade Center

Check out the St. Louis Browns Display at the Scottrade Center. It's part of the St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame located in the facility. The location is the third level in section 333. If you're going to any event in the Center, stroll up this way.
The exhibit is about 75% finished with the remainder scheduled for later this coming week. Contents of the exhibit include Browns player uniforms, plaques, photographs, autographed baseballs, scorecards, bats and lots more.

A video narration about the Browns is broadcast at the booth by Bob Costas. The entire video runs around 9 minutes. Photos are available at the Browns blog site at: (Click on photos to enlarge)

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  1. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Haven't they been the Baltmore Orioles for about five decades now?