Thursday, April 07, 2011

Jefferson City voters take trash issue to curb; Proposition Defeated by 74 Percent Margin

Arthur Brown, chairman of the committee which gathered the signatures to put Proposition A on the Jefferson City ballot, tells supporters not to be disheartened by early returns Tuesday evening at the Eastland Plaza Banquet Center. The proposal went down to defeat, but Brown said he was pleased that it was put to a public vote.

For Arthur Brown and the Citizens Action Committee Against Ordinance 14487, victory on Jefferson City’s Proposition A did not come Tuesday night. It came Tuesday morning.

“We are just overjoyed that we got it to a vote of the people,” said Brown, the chairman of the committee. “Our mission was to get it to a vote, since it was not done the first time. Now, the people have spoken.”

In Tuesday’s election, Proposition A was defeated soundly by 74 percent of the vote, with almost 5,670 voting against it. The measure would have eliminated the requirement that trash be collected only by an authorized collector.

As for the Citizens for Responsible Progress, Tuesday night’s vote reinforced what co-chairman Jim Crabtree said has been evidenced from the beginning of the research process for the city’s trash contract.

Is this the end of this issue? Find out what both sides have to say about the possibility of "tweaking" parts of the current trash contract as the new city council is installed.


  1. Anonymous11:54 AM

    St. Louis County should take a tip from Jefferson City and let the "Voters" decide.

  2. Anonymous12:19 PM

    4 of the 8 trash district bids are due to be opened on Tuesday by St. Louis County. The other 4 of the 8 will be in two weeks.