Friday, September 03, 2010

Welcome to St. Louis . . . er County

A resident writes . . .

I noticed this sign along I-55 just south of the Mattis Road overpass, just north of Butler Hill Road.

Did not realize that St Louis County is now St Louis.

Did St Louis County and St Louis City merge without telling us taxpayers of the county.

Seems like MODOT did a sign like this some years ago.

We need to let MODOT know that the location of this sign is not correct. (Dumb or Dumber?)

Either change it to read, "Welcome to St Louis County" or move it to the St Louis city limits or take it down!


  1. Anonymous3:31 PM

    St. Louis City and County and all muni's should merge. If we did, we would be in the top 5 or 6 in the large cities in the country.
    This would be a big incentive towards growth and prosperity.

  2. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Why do you assume that 'St Louis' is the city? It doesn't say 'St Louis City' so it must be the county.