Thursday, September 02, 2010

Residents of Saddlebrook Sudivision Seek New Vote for Trash Hauler

Subdivision residents are petitioning their Trustee to conduct anothr vote for selection of a trash hauler.

A discussion was held at the November 2009 Subdivision Meeting to see if there was an “interest” in changing to a “one trash service” subdivision. According to an email by Ernst Management Company, the majority of those who attended were in an agreement to do so. The vote was then brought to all homeowners via a ballot mailed to each homeowner with majority picking Bob’s Disposal.

A petition has been circulated stateing "We, the undersigned, call on the Saddlebrook Estates Trustees and Ernst Management Company to hold a re-vote on the issue of a “one trash service” subdivision. This re-vote, should be done via mail to all homeowners of Saddlebrook Estates and allow all homeowners to decide whether a “one trash service” subdivision is a good proposed solution.

If majority rules for this proposal, another re-vote should be conducted via mail to all homeowners of Saddlebrook Estates to decide what trash service should be utilized as the “one trash service” for the subdivision.

• As homeowners we feel the discussion that was held and a vote that was taken in the November 2009 Subdivision Meeting to change to “one trash service” was unfair and conducted in poor fashion. Unfair because only a handful of homeowners were able to attend this meeting, leaving the fate of this ridiculous proposal up to them and not up to the entire 144 total homeowners. The trustees should understand not everyone can attend these meetings and to hold a vote with only about a 20% or less attendance rate is definitely done in poor fashion.

• As homeowners we feel like our freedoms are being taken from us and put in the hands of subdivision trustees. We should not be told by the subdivision trustees who to get our services, trash or any other service through. It should be left up to the homeowner as we’re the one’s paying for the services and not the subdivision.

• As homeowners we feel the accusations made about the multiple trash service vehicles entering our  subdivision, causing damage to our streets is a preposterous claim. The cause of damaged streets by trash trucks is not a proven accusation.

We do not support the “one trash service” subdivision proposal and wish to seek a re-vote by all homeowners.

1. In the “Voting” column please put one of the following numbers. 1) Leave group pickup like it is now or 2)
Change or abolish the group pickup rule.

2. If option 2 is chosen above, please choose one of the following letters.

    A) Get rid of the group pickup completely or

    B) Make the group pickup optional and voluntary.

(See petition at:

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  1. Anonymous6:29 PM

    If Saddlebrook Estates is located within St. Louis County, the County Ordinance dictates what will happen.

    If they have OPTed out, they can stay out, but, they must adhere to St. Louis County ordinance, none the same.

    If they fail to contract with a company, they will fall into the ordinance and can't go back.

    They should be real careful with what they are doing.