Tuesday, September 07, 2010

St. Louis Unveils New Regional Signage to Help Tourists

Those signs are in no way to replace the County limit or the City limit signs that are on the interstates. Those decorative signs are part of the new St. Louis Regional wayfinding program that is sponsored by the Convention and Visitors Commission. (Click on Photo to Enlarge) 

This program is very similar to wayfinding programs that are located in many of the other larger cities in the country like Los Angeles, Chicago, Madison, Columbus, etc. The signs are to get the attention of motorist as they enter the region to let them know that we have a wayfinding program and they can expect to use these non-traditional signs to find our attractions.

These signs were designed by Corbin Design and the designs were reviewed by representatives from MoDOT, CVC, Grand Center, Laclede's Landing, Pinnacle Entertainment, The City of St. Louis, St. Louis County and Forest Park. The group wanted to make sure that attractions from both the County and the City were represented and the signs took on a feel that was not just that of the City. We debated the "Welcome To" signs, as far as wording and location, and decided that the signs needed to be included on every interstate as you entered St. Louis County since the program included County attractions and City attractions. We also looked at the possibility of adding "Welcome to the St. Louis Region" to the signs but that made the sign look cluttered and we felt that it confused the intent of the sign.

The limited signs that have been installed to date, only represent a small sampling of the entire wayfinding program. The remainder of the signs will be attraction and corridor specific and they should help to clarify the intent of the "Welcome To" signs and bring the program together. CVC is working very hard to get the remaining signs installed by the end of the year. The program will also include an extensive marketing campaign that will explain the program to not only our visitors but our local citizens too.
Read more about the new signs at: http://www.slfp.com/MoHyNews.htm
Explanation from:
Becky Allmeroth, P.E., P.T.O.E.
District Maintenance & Traffic Operations Engr.
Missouri Department of Transportation
St. Louis District Office

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