Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What are your subdivision signs saying about your home?

The same way improving the exterior of one’s home tells everyone how nice their home is; improving the exterior of one’s subdivision tells everyone how nice their subdivision is. The Designery Shop has a distinguished record of improving the look of subdivisions by designing and creating entrance signs along with interior way-finding signs that create a greater perceived value of the homes within. One example of where The Designery Shop has recently done this is at the Clarkson Woods South subdivision in St. Louis County. 

(BEFORE - click on photo to enlarge)

Clarkson Woods South subdivision recently replaced their aged entrance signs with new, elegant and esthetically pleasing entrance signs. The previous signs were aged and faded therefore they did not adequately express the quality of the homes in the subdivision. The trustees of Clarkson Woods South contacted The Designery Shop for ideas for replacement signage. After surveying the subdivision site, The Designery Shop consulted with the trustees and offered solutions to their sign project. The trustees selected The Designery Shop’s oval shape signs 42" X 66" made of high density urethane. A custom look was given by routing the subdivisions logo and script name into the sign. The signs were painted black and sealed with several coats of lacquer. The finishing touch came when 23 carat gold gilding was applied to the routed portions and the outer edge giving the piece an elegant look and feel.

Visibility was a critical factor due to Clarkson Woods South’s location on the busy four-lane Clarkson Road and because of this great consideration was given to the height of this sign’s lettering and logo. The United States Sign Council recommends proper visibility of lettering at 1 inch per 24 feet of visibility. The Clarkson Woods South sign lettering was at 9 to 10 inches giving effective visibility up to 240 feet.

(AFTER - click on photo to enlarge)

The design, shape and placement of a subdivision entrance sign and interior subdivision way finding signs visually express the quality of the subdivision and the homes within the subdivision. The Designery Shop is located in St. Louis County; it is a full service graphic design and sign studio, which offers creative solutions to all signage needs. Check out The Designery Shop online at for complete service listing and portfolio or feel free to contact them at Monday through Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm at 314-647-1700 or email at .

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  1. Anonymous10:40 PM

    Great sign and improvement. Adds a "richer" touch.