Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bill Corrigan's Town Hall Meeting

Bill Corrigan addressed a full house of more than 115 people at the Holiday Inn South Tuesday evening, November 17. The audience was enthusiastic with vocal support of Corrigan’s comments. Corrigan is running for the St. Louis County Executive position in the November 2010 election.

Corrigan’s first question to the audience was, “Are you proud of your St. Louis County Government?” The answer was a resounding “NO.”

He pointed out that St. Louis County is a lawyer’s “Field of Dreams.”

Just a few of the comments and remarks heard during the 75 minute session included:

· We will have ethics in St. Louis County Government.

· The St. Louis violent crime rate has increased 44% over the previous year.

· The St. Louis County crime lab is over 50 years old and that a new crime lab is desperately needed.

· Corrigan said he is against a merger with the City of St. Louis.

· He said more collaboration is needed between the City and all other municipalities.

· All too often government settles for mediocrity and not excellence.

· The County Council meetings are a joke.

· A line item on the County Council agenda is a report from the County Executive. All too often the report is “No Report.” Reference to the current Executive was “Charlie ‘No Report’ Dooley.”

· South County is a cash cow to St. Louis County.

· The county’s trash program was miserably mishandled and may get worse before it gets better - and maybe not before the three pending lawsuits are settled. This could be well after the November 2010 election.

· We need an elected official as Assessor and the "ENTIRE" system of the Real Estate Taxes to be reformed.

. The county executive cannot be allowed to manipulate the Police Board to replace the Chief of Police.

More information about Bill Corrigan is available at: http://www.gonemild.com/2009/06/bill-corrigan-st-louis-county-gets.html


  1. Anonymous5:29 PM

    I have been being harrassed about a utility trailer and an F-250 being parked on the street. I have moved them, but continue to receive letters and visits from the police. At this point, I'm convinced someone is complaining out of spite. I feel you are facilitating this harrassment. If it continues, I will file a complaint against the Towne South Homeowners Association with the police, and I will find every infraction in the subdivision and file a complaint about each and every one until they are made complient with the same rules that you have so eloquently pointed out to me.

  2. Anonymous5:31 PM

    There is a work van and utility trailer parked at 5074 Kempf Drive in front of the building line and not on a pad. Please do something...I'm tired of looking at it.

  3. Mike Roberts12:42 PM

    The van and trailer at 5074 Kempf not on a pad is a county problem. Report this to St. Louis County as a violation. Good luck.