Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Resident Bemoans They Can Do Nothing When The Service is Bad

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"Its great to see that the government can impose a monopoly on its citizens. I have so many issues with Veolia, it is crazy. I have also been through the bureaucratic machine, and it is true, you keep going around in a circle. (good luck with gov't health care)"

"Anyway, something needs to be done. I am tired of bending over for my TRASH company because I don't have another choice."


  1. I feel his pain. I wrote about this subject a year ago, and I'm sad to say that Veolia is now my trash hauler again. I'm not a fan, either.

  2. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Contact your elected County Council Person, as well as Charlie Dooley. They enacted this crap, so don't hesitate to complain to them.