Saturday, July 18, 2009

There's More than One Dooley; Activists Form Group to Protest Trash Plan

Members of the FreedomWorks Georgia Grassroots group are forming a new activist group, this one to oppose Gwinnett's (AL) solid waste plan, which was thrown out in court late last year and is still in limbo.

The group "What a Waste Gwinnett!" was formed by the grassroots' director Debbie Dooley, former planning commissioner, Julianne Thompson, and political consultant Jeremy Brand.

"We oppose the Gwinnett County Solid Waste Plan and the (Board of Commissioner's) effort to remove Gwinnett County citizen's freedom to choose their own carriers," Thompson said. With a new proposal being hammered out, she added, "the debate now is over details like number of districts and which department will oversee the plan, but the only real difference is the fact that Clean and Beautiful is not involved."

Dooley, who organized tea parties with Thompson to protest a proposed millage rate hike earlier this summer, said she hopes a similar effort to band together residents will help resolve the trash issue.

"We have learned when we stand together as citizens, we will have an impact on our government, and a say in their actions. We waged a battle against the tax hike, and held a successful rally against it, and we will wage a campaign to fight this trash plan," she said. "We support free enterprise, and personal freedom. Gwinnett citizens are very happy with their current trash removal systems."

Hearings over the proposal will be held from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Saturday at the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center and at the same time the following Saturday at George Pierce Park Community Center in Suwanee.

Brand, who worked on Chairman Charles Bannister's campaign last year, encouraged people to attend."We must stand together and be heard. Attending the hearings is the first step." he said.

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