Friday, July 17, 2009

How to Hold a Successful Garage Sale

Your basement shelves are overflowing, but your bank account isn't. You're thinking: "GARAGE SALE."

Sure, it's a great way to get rid of stuff you don't want and get some cold, hard cash. But beware: It takes hard work, organization and good planning — weeks in advance.

"It's like physical labor," said Chris Heiska, whose website,, has a national following. "It's 9 in the morning, but it feels like it's 3 p.m. You've already been up for hours."

Heiska, who lives in Maryland, is the author of several books on yard sales. With the economy in a slump, any time but the dead of winter is a good time for a yard sale, she said. Sara Dogan, 31, of Ballwin, agrees. Dogan, who goes to 150-200 garage sales a year, said the best time for a yard sale is on a blistering summer day. "There are fewer sales, so more people will come to yours.

The best sales I've had have been in August."

Click here to read from the Post Dispatch great tips on holding a successful garage sale:

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